The bottom line
on climate change

The U.S. economy faces significant risks from unabated climate change. Every year of inaction serves to broaden and deepen those risks. Founded by co-chairs Michael R. Bloomberg, Henry Paulson, and Tom Steyer, the Risky Business Project examines the economic risks presented by climate change and opportunities to reduce them.


The Risky Business Project will release a new report in November 2016 that will provide a blueprint for an economy powered by clean energy. Learn more


This is not a problem for another day. The investments we’re making today will determine our economic future.

Hank Paulson

The changing climate will present new risks and new opportunities as we face the very complex task of producing enough food, feed, and fuel for a world on its way to nine billion increasingly prosperous people.

Gregory Page
About us

About us

The bottom line on climate change

The Risky Business Project focuses on quantifying and publicizing the economic risks from the impacts of a changing climate.

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